AllDealsCoupons was founded by a couple of enthusiasts who would burn the midnight-oil hunting for lowest prices on electronic gadgets and computer accessories.Their goal was simple - get more and better for the lowest price. Needless to say, it was a big hit and they started sharing this information with their internet friends. Eventually manual labor work was replaced by hi-tech search engines, datamining algorithms and content management systems. Since then AllDealsCoupons has hired expert professionals to handpick deals, analyze and create meaningful content on our website. We also have super intelligent geeks - aka: software engineers and architects - to make our systems intelligent, accurate, robust and dependable. We do stuff that usually happens at companies such as Google.

Despite the phenomenal changes and growth - our core business value has never changed.
We hunt for lowest priced deals, coupon codes and discount offers, to share with you. PERIOD.

Every day, we publish the best deals available on Internet. Our intelligent data mining systems process over 3 million products from over 1,000 online retailers. Every single day, our deal editors go through thousands of deals and finally handpick the best 200+ deals. At AllDealsCoupons we publish lowest priced products with savings you would normally see only on special shopping events such as Black Friday, Thanksgiving, Christmas. We publish deals only when we have verified their validity and compared for the lowest price from reputable retailers. Deals and Coupons is our bread and butter, bargains and discounts are serious business at AllDealsCoupons. We take pride in working hard and sharing it with our esteemed visitors.

Besides our Super Hot Deals and Coupon Codes, we also have other cool stuff for our visitors.
You'll notice quite a few handy features we have added for your convenience and comfort. Some of them are..

a.Image zoom: Whenever we find larger images with finer details, we provide a zoom icon     so you can click to have a closer look at the product. While doing so we ensure our pages still load fast, without sacrificing the speed or size. Our techies are pretty good at these things.

b.Faster pages: Product deals are meaningless without images. We have hundreds of images on our website for your viewing, (copyrighted and owned by their respective owners, we merely showcase them). Yet our pages load faster than most competitors. Be it pages, images, text, scripts or any other media - our website will deliver it faster than the most. Impressive huh?

c.RSS Feeds: We provde handy RSS Feeds so you can use your choice of feed reader, iGoogle, My Yahoo or email client - and see the deals and coupons we publish, realtime.

d.Better Search: Almost 50% of our entire set of systems is dominated by "search algorithms". Our state-of-the-art search engine and supporting algorithms provide the most accurate results along with related data to you. When you request a "search", our systems present much more valuable information at your tips .. nah.. clicks!

e.Compatibility: At our publishing lab - we have a variety of computer systems and browsers to ensure compatibility with almost all the latest browser types. (If you find anything out of place on any browser/OS, please let us know and we will fix it right away)

f. Custom viewing: You have a choice of viewing deals
1. Expanded view: with all the details.
2. Grid view: compact, with just images and some important information such as price.
3. List view: the fastest and shortest, with just text and links without any images and details.

We take pride in presenting deals and coupons to you, so you can save more - with ease and comfort.
Let us know what features or convenient tips you'd like to see on AllDealsCoupons, our technical staff is eager for challenges, big or small!


AllDealsCoupons, is headquartered in Sunnyvale, California.

You can contact us via:

a. Email: deals(-at-)
b. Error Notification: Next to every deal or coupon we have provided a icon      to open a notification form. You can use this form to notify us about that deal or coupon.


Why AllDealsCoupons?

We have a single goal - publish best deals and coupon codes to help you SAVE money.

We work closely with hundreds of popular and reputed online stores. While our Deal Editors are focussed on this goal, our technical staff, ensures that our site is Fast, User Friendly and Accurate.

   What are: Daily Deals?:
   Our editors handpick popular products.
   We use our robust algorithms to compare the product prices at all our affiliate stores.
   We manually verify each deal and apply any applicable Coupon Code, Instant Discount, Rebate or other valid discount.
   Thus we publish only lowest priced products.

   What are: Daily Coupon Codes?:
   Our editors work closely with retail stores to identify all possible Coupon Codes / Offers.
   In addition, our partner stores send us exclusive data.
   We manually verify these Coupon Codes and classify them appropriately.
   Thus we publish all available Coupon codes/Offers so you can use them when you shop online, and save!

   What are: Popular Products?:
   Our editors select most popular products from over 3 million products.
   The popularity of these products is determined by multiple criteria - number of views/clicks/reviews, price drops, technical specs etc.
   Apart from Daily deals, we publish hundreds of popular products.

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  6. Be sure to verify the product, quality and pricing that you expect before you place the order.

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