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Offers: Huge Limited Time Savings on Selected Pre-Owned Laptops & Desktops at GainSaver

$1002.90 off: Motion LE1600 Pentium 1.5GHz 12.1" Tablet PC w/512MB/30GB/WXP for $296.10 (was: $1299.00)
$668.90 off: Motion LE1700 Core 2 1.06GHz 12.1" Tablet PC w/2GB/80GB/Vista for $530.10 (was: $1199.00)
$563.90 off: Apple Core 2 2.16GHz 13.3" MacBook w/1GB/120GB/Mac OS X 10.6 Use: $50 MIR for $435.10 (was: $999.00)
$239.90 off: Apple Mac mini Desktop w/2GHz/1GB/120GB/Mac OS X 10.6 Use: $100 MIR for $259.10 (was: $499.00)
$577.80 off: Apple iMac G5 Desktop w/1.8GHz/256MB/80GB/Mac OS X 10.4 Use: $50 MIR for $255.10 (was: $899.00)
$4649.90 off: Apple Computer Xserve RAID w/256MB/250GB/Mac OS X 10.4 Use: $100 MIR for $349.10 (was: $4999.00)

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(Showing 1 to 1 of 1 Deals)